1000 Nightmares

1000 Nightmares

1000 Nightmares


Cutting edge horror by some of the greatest creators in the world.


I have always been a big fan of horror. I'd rather read a good horror story than just about anything else. It is quite probably the second oldest story genre, coming in right behind the heroic adventure. Horror deals with the big questions - life, afterlife, good, evil, heaven, hell, god and the devil. It speaks to something in our core that is beyond thought or emotion. Fear and hope are the strongest motivators in the human condition and horror dances back and forth in the tantalizing space between.


Short horror has become so formulaic that it isn't really scary anymore. Usually, nothing happens till the end and you know the ending by page two. I want to do stories that go beyond these conventions and this collection is the result. 1000 Nightmares has a manifesto, a credo, a promise to its readers.


The Hook. The Claw. The Shock and Awe.

THE HOOK - Hook the reader on page one.
THE SHOCK - The ending won't be apparent on page two.
THE AWE - There will be horror throughout the story. It doesn't all happen at the end.
THE CLAW - The ending pays off. There's a big finish.
THE BONUS - Some stories are thought provoking and give the reader more than just entertainment.

Well, that's why this book exists. I hope I haven't built your expectations so high that we can't live up to them. I just want horror to be better and, humbly, the goal of this collection is to give it a nudge in the right direction.

These tales are by amazing creators from all over the world, including Brazil, Kazakhstan, Russia, Argentina, Serbia, Philippines, Canada, the UK and America. Add an amazing cover by Simon Bisley and it's a collection not to be missed.