Adventure Finders: Adventure, Monsters and Treasure! #4

Adventure Finders: Adventure, Monsters and Treasure!
Issue #4
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Our Story So Far

Clariette de Artegnean has a simple dream.
To wander the lands and do heroic things helping people along the way.
She and her cousin Jolfe Endarion and their new friend, Anana Popplevensie soon find out life is far more complicated!
The caravan they are riding with, a massive army of 20,000 sponsored by Lord Justinius Biverius, is ambushed by a 100,000 strong orc army! Clariette's small band of women and children, along with elements of the remaining armies that survived, rally and run into the woods pursued by orcs and ogres.
They rescue a new friend, Asogog who turns out to be a capable warrior in his own right.
Having fought off several attacks successfully, Clari and her friends run deeper into the Green Shroud hoping to lose their pursuers.
Here, they discover new dangers such as giant serpents and merciless raiders.
Another mysterious warrior joins them in the form of Bielsica, a half fey eldarii who is phenomenally good at archery. Bielsica needs their help as well to fight the orcs invading her forest.
They all agree to rescue Justinius and his sister Herminia from the clutches of the orc army.
Things go terribly wrong when Asogog, Jolfe and Anana are hit by a huge lightning bolt from the enemy spellcaster --a gigantic evil ettyn!
Only the appearance of a healing hand from one of the prison cells helps them out of the dire situation!
Making their third friend, the group frees Neshallin, a quiet, unassuming necromancer who decides to join them as well in escaping this dungeon.
The last hurdle is a gigantic beast that guards the deep cesspools beneath the mines!
Now, having successfully rescued the Biverius siblings, Clari must now somehow shepherd her growing flock of refugees to safety before they are all overtaken by the angry orc army!

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April 29 2020
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