Adventure Finders: Adventure, Monsters and Treasure! #5

Adventure Finders: Adventure, Monsters and Treasure!
Issue #5
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Our Story So Far

Our heroes are almost out of the Green Shroud!
However, they soon discover the army that ambushed them weeks ago and they have the Biverius clan siblings as prisoner along with many others! Deciding to take the risk and save them, Clari and her friends hide their other allies in a cave and set out on their rescue mission.

At first, they take the orc army by surprise twice and both times, the outsmart and overpower the enemy, finally rescuing Lord Justinius Biverius and his sister Herminia Biverius.
Despite Lord Justinius' insistence they leave now, Clari decides to rescue one last group of prisoners held even deeper in the abandoned mines.
Things look dire for Asogog, Anana and Jolfe... Their attempt to rescue a third group of prisoners has gone really badly for them!
Only the appearance of a healing hand from one of the prison cells helps them out of the dire situation!

Making their third friend, the group frees Neshallin, a quiet, unassuming necromancer who decides to join them as well in escaping this dungeon.
The last hurdle is a gigantic beast that guards the deep cesspools beneath the mines!
Now, having successfully rescued the Biverius siblings, Clari must now somehow shepherd her growing flock of refugees to safety before they are all overtaken by the angry orc army!

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May 6 2020
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12+ Only
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