Adventure Finders: Newly Hired Adventurers #2

Adventure Finders: Newly Hired Adventurers
Issue #2
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Clari and her cousins Deren and Jolfe as well as young Ariarra , who has been swept up in the mad rush to adventure, finally gets to fulfill their dream!
The four youngsters are on the road as hirelings to the renowned Warriors of Dawn!
However, life isn't easy on the road. Clari wakes up late often and is berated for this.
The merry group meets a challenge when they are stopped by the Inquisitor squad of the Brotherhood of Arao. This group wants them to turn over Ariarra who is revealed to be a half elf!
Eretar, the haughty wizard of the Warriors of Dawn suprisingly comes to her aid and battle ensues!
Outnumbered by three times, the WArriors of Dawn and their hirelings including Clariette, Jolfe, Deren and Ariarra fight for their lives!
In the chaos, Clari ends up saving two small unarmed orcs. But the Verbolg leader, bigger and far stronger, has the drop on her! will her friends save her in time? Find out!

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34 Pages
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May 1 2019
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12+ Only
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