Afterlife Inc. Vol. 2: Near Life and Other Stories

Afterlife Inc.
Vol. 2: Near Life and Other Stories
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For AFTERLIFE INC. - Proud Purveyors of a Premium Paradise - taking control of a newly-modernised afterlife was the easy part. Keeping it is another matter entirely. And when the stakes are this high, it's more than just their necks on the line... it's their jobs too!

From sinister councils and military incursions, to mad kings, rocket dogs and unspeakable horror, it's all in a day's work for CEO Jack Fortune and his ragtag band of corporate go-getters. Life may be over but the future is only just beginning.

Collecting the hit series NEAR LIFE and DEAD DAYS - plus a wealth of additional stories, special features and exclusive print-only material - NEAR LIFE AND OTHER STORIES marks the triumphant return to the world of AFTERLIFE INC. as written by Jon Lock and illustrated by a stunning selection of artists.