Aliens #32: Border Lines/45 Sec/Elder Gods/Once in a Lifetime

Issue #32: Border Lines/45 Sec/Elder Gods/Once in a Lifetime
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"Four stark tales of fear and mayhem. A Colonial Marine requests a transfer from a war zone to a far-flung planet with an entirely different sort of adversary. Be careful what you wish for! ""Border Lines"" teams writer Darko Macan (_Grendel Tales, Star Wars, Soldier X_) with comics superstar Tommy Lee Edwards (_Daredevil, Star Wars, 1985_). In ""Once in a Lifetime,"" a Weyland-Yutani biologist studying Aliens in an environment without humans discovers something she never expected. Written by Eisner Award winner Mark Schulz (_Xenozoic Tales, Aliens: Apocalypse_) and illustrated by Rick Leonardi (_Cloak and Dagger, Aliens vs. Predator_). Members of a bizarre religious cult stationed on a far-flung terraforming operation uncover a find that confirms their belief in a race of stellar deities in ""Elder Gods,"" written by Bram Stoker Award winner Nancy Collins (_Sunglasses After Dark, Vamps, Swamp Thing_) and illustrated by Leif Jones. A Colonial Marine trying to escape an Alien hive after planting a timed explosive learns that while not invited, he is not welcome to leave. ""45 Seconds"" written by Darko Macan and illustrated by Frank Teran (_The Punisher_)."