All-New Union

All-New Union

All-New Union


Fourteen years ago the Negaton bomb destroyed New York City ending the long war
between the UNION and REDUX, an anti-superhuman cult.

Millions lost their lives and many more were made homeless by the disaster. Philadelphia and Boston grew to become megacities, refugee shantytowns stretching for hundreds of miles. The sudden loss of New York brought the economy of the United States crashing down. West coast cities like Los Angeles and Paradise, through isolation and paranoia, developed into city-states, self-sufficient, authoritarian and xenophobic toward outsiders.
The Midwest crippled by depression became to resemble a giant ghost town, farms were reduced to dust, with the cities of Chicago and St. Louis near completely abandoned.

Since the explosion there have been no recorded sightings of any metahumans on Earth.
It is commonly believed the bomb was the cause.

Most have forgotten those days of wonder. For them, the Era of the Hero has passed into myth and decay.

But, not everyone! a new age is beginning! Four children have begun to develop incredible powers and they've sworn to use them to uphold the legacy of earth's greatest heroes, they'll fight the forces of evil as...