Allan Xia

Allan Xia


Born in China in 1989, Allan Xia migrated to New Zealand at the age of 8 with his parents. His artistic practice did not begin until his last year in high school, where he made a life-changing decision to embrace art as his life-long passion. Taking a gap year, he returned to China to study the foundations of drawing and painting. On his return in 2007, Allan enrolled in Bachelor of Design - Digital Design at Auckland University of Technology where he fully embraced the potential of the digital medium. After graduating, he worked as an illustrator and technical artist for acclaimed New Zealand film director, Vincent Ward. He currently works as a freelance illustrator based in Auckland.

Allan works in a range of different mediums and genres with a focus in illustration and sequential narrative. Painting both digitally in Photoshop and traditionally in oils, ink and graphite, Allan is always experimenting and seeking out new ways of further developing his creative voice.

One of his current focuses lies in the development of interactive narratives. He is currently exploring this evolving artistic medium through the independent development of videogames.

Most recently he launched Chromacon, a creative arts Festival held in Auckland, NZ. It is a grassroots effort to showcase original art promote self-published work. At its launch in 2013, over 1500 people attended.

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