Andriy Dankovych

Andriy Dankovych


I am an artist and illustrator from Ukraine. I have been drawing since 4 years old. I studied at art-school and then at the Ukrainian Academy of Print on specialty book graphic and graphic design. I create illustrations and graphic novels as well. My favorite topics for creativity are science fiction and horror. So I mostly draw space, aliens, space ships, fantastic creatures, space trips, aliens and other things like that. I also make concepts of aliens in the role of gods from ancient myths. Appart of that I create on medieval horror topic. I use colored pencils for drawing and I also do with graphic tablet, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. It depends on topic I am going to work on. For instance Sci Fi things I make by using colored pencils.
I have issued two my own comic books so far, took part at a lot of tematic festivalsin my country and at Comic Con International in San Diego, USA.

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