Anne Bonnie Vol. 3: From the Depths

Anne Bonnie
Vol. 3: From the Depths
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High seas adventure awaits! The pirates of the Shattered Isles return to face a mystery at the heart of their rebellion. Ariana and the crew of the Crimson Dawn find themselves separated on the dark and dangerous island of Gummerblot. As they seek to reunite, they find evil forces at work in the form of Lady Gourdelia, one of Anne Bonnie's Strongest Seven. After years of perfecting the dark arts, Gourdelia reveals her plan to destroy the Kirthian Empire...even if it costs the souls of all around her. A mysterious island, a renegade pirate armada, cunning Magi, and a shadowy sorceress all converge to fight for the future of the Great Sea! Oh, and did we mention the island-sized monster from The Deep? It's all here, in Volume 3 of ANNE BONNIE, a collection of single issues 10-14.