Apama - The Undiscovered Animal #1

Apama - The Undiscovered Animal
Issue #1
(143 ratings)


Apama - The Origin
A bat, a spider, a wolverine, sure, but an Apama? What the heck's an Apama?

Hungarian ice cream truck driver Ilyia Zjarsky is about to crash into that answer when he goes hiking and discovers the legend of this ancient creature lost in the shrouded shadows of Myth.

Can Ilyia recreate the impossible pose that will unlock this savage animal's spirit force within him? Perhaps the bigger question is, 'Should he?'

Set in a backdrop of Cleveland this book received terrific press from its original online preview.

"I can't recommend this comic enough. I read it three times." -- RAGING BULLETS

"Great fun which nicely captures the bronze age spirit." -- DOUG MOENCH

"I dug it -- it had a mix of being a serious origin, like in the 70s, and yet started lifting off into Steve Gerber territory. Old school Marvel with a modern twist." -- Derek McCaw, FANBOY PLANET

"Apama is great! A wonderfully fresh work -- Gallego's artwork is nothing short of iconic.

Now retooled, with new captions and colors, and featuring pinups from some of the industry's best, including Ron Frenz with Sal Buscema, Eddie Newell, Mark Wheatley, and Bob Burden - Apama #1 is sure to be a temerarious sensation!