Bokura Vol. 1: The Lost Warrior

Bokura Vol. 1: The Lost Warrior

Vol. 1: The Lost Warrior


There Were Terrible Nuclear Wars That Destroyed The World.

For their protection and peace, the remnants of the people decided to build their city, Nulwok, within walls. As time went by, the rulers outlawed music, performance, and all forms of art. These things were seen as harmful influences from the outside world. They would give people ideas, and would eventually bring humans to their destruction once again. Anyone who didn't follow their rules were branded as outlaws and thrown outside of the walled city to brave the dangers of the wild. Over time, travelling bands of these outlaws, riffraff, and free thinkers, moved around the world as gypsies.They played their music to the animals of the forest. They lived with freedom, but without homes.
But the pollution from the past has made the forest a dangerous place. Strange mutations of plants and animals rove the deeps. Unspeakable creatures crawl underneath the radioactive soil. Abominations infest the seas.
One night, a young boy named Bün leaves the walled city and begins a journey into adventure that will change everything...