Brittany Pezzillo

Brittany Pezzillo


Brittany Pezzillo (Colors) is an artist living in central New Jersey. After graduating from The Kubert School in 2013, has primarily worked in the comics and traditional gaming industries as both an illustrator and a colorist. Their clients include Marvel, Dynamite, AEG, Wright Entertainment and King Features Syndicate. They recently worked with rock band Crobot as a colorist on the Legend of the Spaceborne Killer book alongside other alumni.

Currently, Brittany is working as the colorist on Dynamite's Bettie Page series as well as developing a large body of personal paintings involving torrential emotion and the nature of choice.
In their leisure time, they practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing as well as dabbling in sculpture. For maximum antics, follow them on instagram @bpezz.

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