Captain Marvel Masterworks Vol. 5

Captain Marvel Masterworks
Vol. 5
(21 ratings)


Collects Captain Marvel (1968) #47-57, Avengers Annual (1967) #7, Marvel Two-In-One Annual (1976) #2.

Captain Marvel has returned to Earth, but the space-born super hero shouldn't expect a warm welcome. His enemies from the Kree Empire have followed him to our world, and a war is about to break out - the War of Three Galaxies! Teamed with the Inhumans and Kree agents on Earth, Captain Marvel must stop the Kree Science Council from escalating their struggle for genetic superiority and galactic empire. Meanwhile, Cap fights with the Avengers against the Super-Adaptoid, and he and Rick Jones are at long last separated. Each their own man for the first time in ages, Rick and Mar-Vell must search for a new purpose before it finds them - in the guise of Nitro and Thanos!