Captain Marvel Masterworks Vol. 6

Captain Marvel Masterworks
Vol. 6
(18 ratings)


Collects Captain Marvel (1968) #58-62; Marvel Spotlight (1979) #1-4, 8; Marvel Super-Heroes (1992) #3; Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) #1 and material from Logan's Run (1977) #6.

The Marvel Masterworks once again presents Captain Marvel - and this volume completes his adventures! From the epic Battle of Titan to the all-time classic Death of Captain Marvel, you can now experience every page of Mar-Vell's cosmic quest. The action begins with a plan set in motion by Thanos's death: the worldwide computer ISAAC has taken control of Titan in Thanos's name! To overcome this deadly threat, Captain Marvel and Drax the Destroyer must fight a war on two fronts that spans the entire solar system. Art turns by Steve Ditko and Frank Miller, plus a rare tale held over for years, set the stage for Jim Starlin's touching farewell to Mar-Vell.