Carlos Espada

Carlos Espada


Coming from a family of professional wrestlers and entertainers, I learned two very important things from my father; "The more you know, the more you earn" and "never do things half way." To this day, those inspirational words are the fuel that pushes me to take on every task with passion and intensity, losing myself in the creative flow of any project I'm involved in.

My work can be seen in product lines such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Eminem, Alice Cooper, and Dark Angel, all of which I helped develop while I was the Art Director and Shop Manager at Art Asylum Toys.

As much as I love toys, I also have a love for music and performing, and successfully started a tribute band celebrating the rock legends, KISS. I wasn't satisfied with having just another 'tribute band', so I created a plan to make the band stand out from all the others. It worked; the band gained enough notoriety that I would go on to work with my boyhood idol Gene Simmons as well as Silvertone guitars on promoting their Paul Stanley signature line of guitars. The band performed globally and was featured on the likes of VH1, CNN and more, including the filming of a pilot for VH1 entitled MOCK ROCK.

I work day and night on branding and developing everything from toys, music, TV and live shows. I love what I do, and no matter the job, I always give it my all. I believe in the philosophy of hard work on every level, and have been called a 'creative force' by those I've worked with. As great of a compliment as that is, I have to give credit to the creative minds around me (and the greats who came before me), I feed off their energy which in turn pushes me get better, to dig deeper, and to stay creative.

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