Cassidy's Secret

Cassidy's Secret

Cassidy's Secret


"All new comic created and written by Charles Holland, writer and executive producer of the Black Lightening TV series, and illustrated by Antonio Fuso, the co-creator of WYRD (Dark Horse).
When a comet lands on Earth, it brings a child who will become Earth's most powerful hero. Sounds familiar?

Well, it also brings an ultra-virus that grants powers to a select genetically disposed few. In a world where those with superpowers invoke fear and awe, some become celebrities, others become scapegoats – and some exploit these new abilities for their own agenda. Who will defend the powered few when the many seek to cage and/or control them?

Cassidy Crawford is the most prominent defense attorney who leads a law firm that specializes in protecting this new minority population from overzealous laws, police and prosecutors.

Just imagine SUITS in the world of THE BOYS and you're about to explore CASSIDY'S SECRET!