Chris Campana

Chris Campana


Chris Campana has been in the field of art for over 15 years. Current
projects include work on the new *Tellos* collection, Writing and drawing
the sword and sorcery indie comic-First World, along with exclusive comics
for Altered Reality. He has also worked as a storyboard artist for such
companies as BMW, a video game concept designer for Tres 3d. His first
comic work dates back to 1998 with companies like Caliber Comics and 5th
panel. After several years out of the industry, Chris returned in 2012 with
a run on *Kantara* for Wyrlwynd, a series of mini comics and action figure
packaging for *Realm of the Underworld*, and a 2 issue run on *Vigilante
Project* for Yvettte ave productions.

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