Chronicles of The Few and Cursed Vol. 1

Chronicles of The Few and Cursed Vol. 1

Chronicles of The Few and Cursed
Vol. 1
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In the year of our Lord 1840, an unknown phenomenon dries up over 90% of the planet's water. Over night Earth as we knew it was gone and humanity had to adapt and survive no matter the cost...

That's how the doors to Hell opened and curses long forgotten poured in.

Seventy years of pain, suffering and sorrow has gone by and whatever morality mankind had is no more. The world has become a wicked place where the weak doesn't stand a chance. What little water left is now a commodity used as currency, giving the Devil one heck of a post-apocalyptic playground for his creatures, legions and minions.

But for every darkness there is also always light - and among the few and cursed are those willing to fight to bring balance to the lands: the Curse Chasers.

Chronicles of The Few and Cursed introduces seven brand new stories by special guest artists set in the same universe the Redhead welcomed us to in The Crows of Mana'Olana mini-series. Visit a Persian city overtaken by horrifying Daevas, raid a tomb in Egypt after the Eye of Horus and get lost in a shark cemetery in the Australian outback. This is the world of The Few and Cursed and it goes a lot further than the Old West!