Class6 #1.01-06

Class6 #1.01-06

Issue #1.01-06
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Class6 Midseason One - Episode One to Six
In the first season of Class6, we introduce you, the curious reader, to our gallery of heroes and villains. How exactly the heroes of Class6 crossed paths in a world seemingly gigantic is addressed, as the reader learns that unfolding events are more intertwined than they may appear on the surface. When history has already been written for us by unseen forces of evil who threaten to uproot our future, six people come together. These are the heroes of Class6, who throughout this season must end the secret wars that threaten reality, in order to save humankind.

We live in a world where secrets have ruled the universe for millennia. A world where countless human beings have been belittled, forbidden from speaking up, and forced to live in a system controlled by a select few. Donald Trump, our greatest enemy, is about to gain the power to do what Hitler and Napoleon could never accomplish: world conquest. He is no regular politician breaking down the world into ruins; he is much worse. Donald and his international allies are going after something unimaginable. They seek to win the war that the human race has secretly been engaged in for millions of years. A war started in another universe that mysteriously vanished. A war which they are on the other side, against humanity. Now this war is coming to a conclusion, centered on our star. Will humanity wake up in time to become the savior race it was meant to be?

Our LGBTQ heroes and their allies must stop Donald Trump and his squad of villains before they ruin our world. Everything is interconnected; the heroes of Class6 crossed paths for a reason, to save the human race. Today they fight for gay rights, tomorrow they will fight for the survival of the human race.