Class6 #1.08

Issue #1.08
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For thousands of hundreds of years in the past, humans used to live on planet Mars. Mars was blooming and humanity was at its best, but the thirst for power led humans to betray their own. Humans wanting political control led to a conflict, one where all nations of our solar system allied against each other. As the war began, humans started to think of plans to save humanity. They looked to Earth, an isolated planet, dead, the perfect place to give humans a new home. They sent Izaar and Lucifer to fulfill their life purpose. Izaar was given the knowledge to make a human body and Lucifer was given the secret to creating souls. Together these two physically non-gender immortal beings are sent to planet earth. Their first mission was to terraform earth. After, Lucifer and Izaar will give birth to humanity, to ensure humanity survives thru time and space. These two beings were our ancestor's last hope to safeguard humanity.

As the battle on Mars intensifies, Izaar and Lucifer go into a deep sleep for hundreds of years while the planet finishes the terraforming process. When they wake up, they find out that Mars was destroyed in nuclear warfare. Humanity vanished except for some that escaped into the darkness of space, never to be found.

Thousands of years have since passed and civilization is now strong on Earth. Izaar, the Queen, is thriving together with Lucifer as they rule the world and humanity. Lucifer and Izaar have advanced technology and send wireless electricity to all parts of the world, using pyramids as antennas, producing free energy. However, nations have placed sanctions on Earth, not allowing humans to gain enough technology to control Earth's space.

No one sees what is to happen next. An ancient alien race called the reptilians, one close to humanity that knows its secrets has watched Earth closely and wants to take back what they believe belongs to them, our star. They also want to destroy humans like humans destroyed their race.

The conflict begins-a new circle of the same old wars. Queen Izaar is holding strong the human kingdom, but somehow the human cities start to fall under the reptilian forces. Lucifer betrays his Queen. Queen Izaar, emotionally hurt is about to lose her war. She decides to use all of human's resources to bring down the reptilian mother ship. She connects the pyramids from all around the world, absorbing Earth's energy. She concentrates on Giza's main pyramid and brings down the reptilian main mothership using it as a weapon.

She is determined to kill the three brothers who are the leaders of the reptilian race, together with her unfaithful partner, Lucifer. The Queen is now thirsty for blood because no one betrays humanity.