CreeD #1

Issue #1
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Heaven Seed #1
Created, written and drawn by Trent Kaniuga when he was 16 years old. This remastered edition presents the series with new artwork and script adjustments. Mark Farley is a bit of a social outcast in his school... but he's no ordinary boy. You see, Mark Farley can travel to another world - a dreamworld where he once had the power to create anything he could imagine. In reality, he is powerless, and not even really very well liked. But in this other dimension he faces off against his most sinister of dark nightmarish demons as the powerful CREED! Morphing dreamfrog dragons as protectors, talking trees, and floating islands await him, but at the center of it all lies a massive hurricane of a VOID that threatens to destroy both the dreamworld AND reality. Only the true creator of the Dreamworld can save both... but not if he gets caught napping in class again!