Creepy Comics #2

Creepy Comics
Issue #2
(14 ratings)


"It's alive! It's evil! And it's coming for you. Horror fans and art fiends, beware -- a new issue of new _Creepy_ is lurking right around the corner. Dark Horse Comics and New Comic Company keep the hellfires burning with another evil-engorged 48 pages of short horror stories by established greats and ook-inducing newcomers. This issue, we're featuring the second mind-bendingly gruesome chapter of The Curse; a ghastly shocker from legendary horror writer Joe R. Lansdale; an all-new ""Loathsome Lore""; new work from Jason Shawn Alexander, Dan Braun, and Greg Ruth and much, much gore! _Creepy_ is not only packed with paralyzing tales of fear, it's a jaw-dropping value, too. With 48 pages packed with content, not advertising, our boo buffet is one hell of a deal! - The reanimation of a beloved series continues with new, freakishly great stories! - New frightening tales from masters of illustrated terror! Every tale is drawn by different artists, each with their own lacerating, languidly deadly style drawing you down into the dark tales of doom. From giant rats, to zombie Jews, the brains of the writers are rung dry of every creative drop in their reserves leaving them, insane. That's when the crazy twists come in at the end, with every story leaving you shocked with a feeling akin to feeble sickness, unable to stop reading on. You get a whopping forty-eight pages for the price of a normal comic. Credit crunch comics. - _FHM_ "