Crown & Anchor, Vol. 1: Book One: Legends No More

Crown & Anchor, Vol. 1: Book One: Legends No More

Crown & Anchor, Vol. 1: Book One: Legends No More


Crown & Anchor is a sci-fi/fantasy maritime tale about three bumbling bounty hunters and their accidental acquisition of legendary Divine Tokens, dating back to the creation of their world. With value beyond human comprehension, containing mysterious and miraculous properties, and being highly sought after by a secret Pirate Conclave, these hunters must discover the relics' purpose without losing themselves... or their lives.This story contains themes such as finding family, adventure, corruption, agency, and contains a vast network of mail-delivering seagulls.

A world once united by one landmass and close with the gods, Aventus now lies in innumerable islands - most unexplored, or kept quiet. Fragments of old temples and cities lie scattered across the water-dominant globe. Rich history and secrets lie under every flippin' rock, and has left many yearning for a taste of adventure - as well as investing in rocket-launching blunderbusses and cool hats.

Or... battle tigers. We won't judge.


Crown & Anchor is available online to read for free.
Whether it be on Tapas, Webtoon, ComicFury, Smackjeeves, Patreon, or our Discord server, we want everyone to know exactly what they're getting into - what they're investing in. If funded, this book can be a gift for those who enjoy fantasy & sci-fi, alternative pirates, and/or really stupid jokes. This book can be an introduction into comics and manga if one wants to venture into the media without feeling overwhelmed by a gigantic series, but also for the avid comic reader who wants something new and ridiculous!
As a North American manga, it will still read from left to right as most Western comics do!

Book contains 148 pages of content, including a thank you page to backers, 3 covers, and 5 commissioned pin-ups!
Black & White. Cover colors by Tankitha Joy.