Dark Horse Presents #31

Dark Horse Presents
Issue #31
(4 ratings)


"In a direct follow-up to the uberpopular _Hellboy in Mexico_, Mike Mignola and Mick McMahon tell another tale set south of the border, in which . . . Hellboy gets married! First of two parts! Gain some insight into the next arc of Matt Kindt's runaway hit _MIND MGMT_ as we meet . . . the Magician! Bryan J. L. Glass and Victor Santos reveal the brutal new heroine of their new creator-owned series, _Furious_! And Chad Lambert and Christine Larsen give new meaning to the phrase ""Kill me!"" in the new story of the same name. Plus, new installments of _Integer City, Alabaster, Nexus, Monstrous, City of Roses,_ and _Saint George!_ * Preview the new creator-owned series _Furious_ with an original tale by Bryan J. L. Glass (_Mice Templar_) and Victor Santos (_Polar_, _Mice Templar_)! * Features a new tale from Matt Kindt's hit _MIND MGMT_! * Hellboy gets married! ""Seriously, this is comics' best kept secret trove of great comics.""-Comic Book Resources"