Dark Matters Vol. 1

Dark Matters Vol. 1

Dark Matters
Vol. 1
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If a human life force - the soul - were a powerful, harvestable, source of energy, what would that say about every human war and orchestrated catastrophe that has ever occurred? Have souls been collected for profit? How have world politics been involved? What have human souls been powering?

We meet Dagan Harris during a catastrophic bomb run over the Pacific in World War II. After crash landing, he endures life as a POW on a remote island camp; his desire to once again rejoin his family is the only thing sustaining him. Test after gruesome test is performed on Dagan until a General wielding soul stealing abilities shows up and wreaks havoc on the entire camp. After a daring escape, Dagan eventually returns home, but the horrifying, soul-stealing, characters he encountered abroad continue to haunt him in the form of bizarre hallucinations and ever present ravens.
With the help of his war buddies, Sara Harte (feisty pilot) and Gareth Callahan (witty engineer/inventor/politician), Dagan embarks on a journey to seek out the terrifying, behind-the-scenes, truth of World War II. The deeper he digs, the more he uncovers his own unique power to face off against the mystic oppressors from his tortured past.