Dawn Of X Vol. 14

Dawn Of X
Vol. 14
(32 ratings)


Collects Empyre: X-Men (2020) #3-4, X-Men (2019) #11, Wolverine (2020) #4, X-Factor (2020) #2.

Mayhem and murder in the Dawn of X! The X-Men grapple with the events of EMPYRE! As mutants, plant-people, zombies, demons and senior citizens clash, who will be left standing? Meanwhile, the trees are killing the children, and Magneto won't stand for it! Wolverine seeks solace in the Red Tavern — a snowbound, backwoods watering hole where he only wants to guzzle whiskey in peace. But he'll drink his way straight into a twisting-and-turning mystery with one of his most bitter enemies at its heart! And X-Factor takes the case when a mutant dancer at a prestigious ballet academy disappears. But the clues all point to…the Mojoverse!