Deadpool Team-Up Vol. 3: BFFs

Deadpool Team-Up
Vol. 3: BFFs
(12 ratings)


Collects Deadpool Team-Up #883-888, Wolverine/Deadpool: Decoy #1.

Everywhere Deadpool goes, insanity follows! Deadpool's ridiculous team-ups continue as the maniacal Merc with a Mouth partners with some of the Marvel Universe's most respected characters - and a vampire cow. One thing's for sure: This isn't your grandpappy's MARVEL TEAM-UP! Wade takes the world of sports entertainment by storm as he forms a tag team with the Thing, gets caught red-handed raiding the ruins of Asgard by Thor, finds new uses for chopsticks in China with Iron Fist, escapes the clutches of the evil Dr. Kilgore with the help of a bloodsucking bovine, watches the Watcher watching him in the men's room, loses his job as a herald of Galactus and rocks a Phoenix costume while battling Shi'ar robots with Wolverine! All in all, it's pretty much everything you'd expect from Deadpool!