Demonslayer #3

Issue #3
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His name is Demonslayer, part 3
We live in a horrible time. A time when the most disgusting dregs are on top of the world and ordinary people are left on their own. Junkies. Gangsters. Killers. Robbers. Rapists. Scum of all kinds have lost their minds in their cruelty. There are no laws for them and no justice for anyone else. They've turned the country into the branch of Hell on Earth. The Evil becomes stronger with every second, and the Hell Gates are slowly opening, and legions of demons are waiting for a moment to strike...
Enter Danila the Demonslayer! The hooded grim avenger is going to bring back the country's former peace. With a help of cynical renegade imp called Sneak he finds and annihilates demons, trying to hold back the infernal invasion. Danila came under fire in Tskhinvali In 2008. Mysterious forces, interested in maintaining the balance between good and evil, chose the bedridden soldier to be their weapon. The new protectors of the Demonslayer gave him the "Hourglass of Life", which appeared to be salvation and a curse at the same time: Danila is alive while the black ash of demons runs in the hourglass. Each grain of ash is obtained with great difficulty, because one can only kill the evil with weapon created in Hell or Heaven and it's not available to mere mortals. Similar deadly force lies within the Demonslayer's glowing tattoos, but they only work together with an old ID tag: if there is an evil nearby, the tag begins to exude terrible cold, ready to liberate the energy for the battle.
Unknown people have flooded the city with cheap, hard and deadly drug, called "The Gates of Hell". After taking the pill a man's consciousness is transferred to the other world, where he or she is offered to exchange their soul for unlimited power, wealth, and attractiveness. Tempted by the generous offer, people agree to the transaction, unaware of the fact that they can die! Survivors also have bad luck: they turn into heartless and aggressive zombies, ready to tear everyone apart to get the next dose. The human soul leaves the body and goes to Hell in any case! But who needs it? Danila and Sneak are trying to get to the bottom of the sinister plan...
The Demonslayer gets on the trail of the drug dealers - a big businessman Alexander Zelenin runs everything: every week he receives a new batch of pills in his club "7 Sins". Breaking into a nightclub, Demonslayer interrogates Zelenin, but doesn't get the necessary information. So he summons Zorek, the son of Mammon, the demon of greed and avarice. But the four-armed monster is not in the mood for a peaceful conversation! A deadly battle begins, and there can be only one winner...