Dick Turpin

Dick Turpin

Dick Turpin


DICK TURPIN, the most infamous highwayman in history, comes to comics!

The first instalment of DICK TURPIN picks up after the real-life hanging of the notorious highwayman.

On the lonely moors of England, a shadowy figure on a horse strikes fear into the guards protecting a valuable cargo... but who is this unrelenting pursuer? And by laying claim to the cargo, has he bitten off more than even he can chew?

Far from being a stuffy historical fiction, this is a comic book cocktail of action-adventure, mystery-thriller... and startling revelations about the life of the legendary lawbreaker!

This PENCIL-ONLY PREVIEW edition, released through ECO COMICS, features pencils and letters only; no colors - thereby allowing the reader to see the gorgeous pencil art of another rising star, Salvador Velázquez!

By upcoming writer Chris Bunting, whose credentials include "Mr. T", "Tough Guy", "Heroic High", and for Marvel UK, "Action Man".