Die Kitty Die: Christmas Special #1

Die Kitty Die: Christmas Special
Issue #1
(12 ratings)


Kitty's Christmas Jubilee!
T'was the night before Christmas... and Santa's elves have been busy making dolls of that beautiful comic book witch, Kitty Ravencraft! The problem is no one wants them! Santa's reading his list and checking it twice but no good little boys and girls are asking for Kitty dolls! Its up to Santa's little helpers, the evil elves, Cranky and Lanky, to make the Kitty doll a red hot collectible by killing off the original Kitty herself! Do two little elves have enough magic to take out everyone's favorite magic maiden? Will they need the help of devilish Christmas critters like the cruelly cool Jack Frost and the Deer of Death, Adolph the Dead-Nosed Reindeer? Read the Die Kitty Die Christmas Special and see if Kitty survives the Holidays! Featuring an original story and art by Kitty co-creators Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz!