Dogon and the Mali Mafia

Dogon and the Mali Mafia

Dogon and the Mali Mafia
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Birth of the Pale Fox...Death of Venus
Dogon while attempting to destroy the 4th and final Placenta portal will face off against the Mali Mafia and two of the Knights of the Nummo. The 4th Placenta portal is in the Southern territory of Ono and is located in the Nwetwe Pan. Ono is in charge of this installation. Dogon destroys the portal thus delaying the ability to bring all Placenta's online to open the Embryotic dimension so the Nummo can enter earth through the umbilical gate. Dogon also wrestles with trying to put the pieces of his memory together as far as who he was before being revived and becoming a Hogon. During the mission and after he has flashbacks of being a member of the Mali Mafia and flashbacks of his revival ceremony. In addition to dealing with the destruction of the 4th portal the 4 brothers who are heads of the mafia Arou, Domno, Dyon and Ono have an emerging threat of the European Resistance (ER) they must also deal with along with the disappointment of the Nummo.

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November 7 2018
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