Douglas Brown

Douglas Brown


Douglas Brown was born in Panama City, Panama in 1976. Soon after, he and his family moved to Austin, Texas, where he currently resides and works.

In 2003, Mr. Brown learned computer based design, and began working as a graphic designer at He continues this work to this day, producing story boards for commercials, films, and graphic novels.

In 2009, Mr. Brown produced his first graphic novel, "Once Upon a 2008"-a satire of the 2008 presidential election. He both wrote and illustrated the project. In 2010 he began work on a second graphic novel, "Sir Reel: Theatre of the Mind," a surreal psychological thriller, written by Dr. Ies von Hebal and illustrated by Mr. Brown. Also in 2010, Mr. Brown began work on a third graphic novel, "After Twilight," a six issue mini-series about a fanatical religious government, written by Gary Watson, and illustrated by Mr. Brown.

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