Eerie Cuties Vol. 4

Eerie Cuties
Vol. 4
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Collects chapters 14 through 18 of the new full-page format.

Chapter 14: Quinceanina
Chapter 15: Love Bite
Chapter 16: From Teen to Queen
Chapter 17: Two Tickets to Laylaworld
Chapter 18: Journey to the Center of the Center of the Mind
Guest Chapter: Art Scholarship

Plus includes: "Tiff on Patrol" a 5-page print-exclusive bonus story.

Magick Chicks Co-Feature
Collects chapters 16 through 18

Chapter 16: To the Spoiled Goes the Victory
Chapter 17: Super Secret Melissa Origina Time Go!
Chapter 18: Can Melissa Come Out and Play?

Synopsis: Much has changed as Nina reaches her fifteenth birthday. Some couples have split up and others formed, and Nina's attracting more attention from both Dio and Ace. But none of that may matter if a very old, very powerful vampire makes her prophesied return... and only the ever-irresponsible Blair can stop it. Oh, joy.

Ancient vampires may have to get in line, though, because Cerise has already attained seemingly unlimited power. To oppose her, fellow witch Melissa has to unlock the secret of her double heritage and work with what allies she can find, but is she already too late?

It all ends here!