El Peso Hero: Battle for Nuevo Laredo

El Peso Hero
Vol. : Battle for Nuevo Laredo
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Battle for Nuevo Laredo
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico is a bustling city and beacon of cultural and commercial crossroads on the Texas-Mexican border; a place where El Catrin and his organization vie for control to command the important intersection. The approaching arrival of military grade weapons to the area will ensure El Catrin's dominance in the region. An informant leak leads Nuevo Laredo's Municipal Police officer, Miguel Ramos to warn El Peso Hero about the upcoming shipment in the hopes that he can put a stop to El Catrin's solidification of power in Nuevo Laredo. It is up to the paladin of justice, the protector of the border, El Peso Hero to stop the valuable shipment and confront El Catrin amidst social unrest in Nuevo Laredo.