Elflord #2

Issue #2


Vol. 2 1986 #2
Welcome to the mystical realm of ELFLORD. It is a world of awesome beauty - and chilling terror. Goblins, spirits, and demons lurk in every grove, hide behind each shifting shadow, waiting to strike at the noble elves. But elvish fury is a force to be reckoned with.

Not so long ago, the world was torn by a great battle for Castle Greenhaven. The heroic efforts of Hawk Erikson, the Elflord, brought to an end the schemes of the evil wizard, Doran.

But victory brought little peace. The struggle against Darkness had left many scars...Folk began to hate anyone they suspected of wizardry. To be different was cause enough for mockery and rejection.

Windblade, a young squire, was raised an orphan in the castle grounds. His strange white hair had always set him apart from he others. But when his latent magical powers burst forth, old friends turned on him. Only Hawk, who knew and trusted Windblade, rose to his defense.

Disillusioned with Greenhaven's princess, angry at the rude treatment of his friend, Hawk decided to leave. Windblade's awakening powers held many riddles; the boy needed help and protection. Hawk had come to realize that he, himself, was ever bit as different and unique as Windblade. Their road would be a long and perilous one...but such was the destiny of the Elflord.

Our story begins with their search for the fabled Isle of the Runestones, a place of ancient magic where Windblade hopes to learn the secrets of his mysterious past...

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August 29 2018
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