Elflord #3

Issue #3


Vol. 1986 #3
Sit back, open your mind, and enter into a world where dreams are born. A land of fantasy awaits beckoning you to explore its hidden secrets. Travel the roads and winding wooded trails into the dark depths of the unknown while narrow eyes follow your path and low whispers spur your every step.

A fortress stands boldly against the dying light of day and you struggle through waves of tall grass flowing in the evening breeze. Night sounds haunt you from the darkness that creeps ever closer. You see the open gate and the warm glow within reaches out to you. Your legs are heavy from travel, your brain works to push you on, your muscles cry in pain, but you inch forward not daring a backward glance. Is it the sound of your breathing that fills the night air, or that of something else? Something evil.

At last the high arch of the fortress keep opens its mouth and mercifully swallows you into its safe stone walls. The guard smiles comfortingly as your boots tap a hollow rhythm on the wooden drawbridge. You smile back and your heart returns to its rightful place, its wild beat slowing to normal.

Through the gate, the soft glow of the torch-lit courtyard brings warmth to your body relaxing your tense muscles. Across the yard a tavern awaits, bright light shining through its windows and cheerful song calling from within. Go now and listen to the stories. The tales of ELFLORD...

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35 Pages
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August 29 2018
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12+ Only
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