Elves Vol. 15: Black as Blood

Vol. 15: Black as Blood
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As Gaw'yn and Dyfeline flee from Scarande aboard a ship, the young woman will not forgive the Dark Elf for the massacre of her family. Attacked by a fleet of barbarians, commanded by a Half-Dark Elf, they are taken prisoner along with the crew. If they do not die, they will swell the ranks of the Ghoul army that this Half-Dark Elf commands for Lah'saa, the necromancer. When Dyfeline is bitten by a ghoul, Gaw'yn agrees to a pact with their captors, buying time for him to find a cure... But, as the growing Ghoul army marches on the city of Majinorr, another danger awaits Gaw'yn - his former mentor, allied to his most fanatical enemy, has decided to take revenge and is on his trail...