Exlibrium #2

Issue #2
(19 ratings)


...And the door will open, part 2
Lilia Romanova is the ordinary Moscow girl preparing for college. Well, the «ordinary» would not be the right word for it, because Lilia is a geek - a passionate books, comics, movies, video games and other pop culture phenomena aficionado. But her life changes dramatically when she encounters a mysterious girl in red, driving a bike on her campus. The girl drops an odd case that Lilia picks up. A strange blot, breaking out of it, somehow merges with her body. Confused by what is going on, the girl decides to find the owner of the case - by happy coincidence, there is an address written on it. But Lilia has no idea that she's being followed by two mysterious young men, and the strange, many-eyed, toothy monster, that spells danger miles away...