Extraversal #12

Issue #12
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Three years and 12 issues in the making... this is the storm front, the calm before an event that will shake the Big Punch Multiverse to its core...

Their deadly pursuit at an end, the crew of the Reflektor come face to face with the Storm Crows, little realising that they have played directly into the hands of the Palatine in CUCKOOS. Paragon Four finally breaks free from her shackles in ORB, proposing an alliances that may finally bring the empire of the Paragons to its knees. Elsie and Tyler's night of inebriation and recollection comes to an end, with Elsie forced to confront some uncomfortable truths in 99 SWORDS. And a traitor is revealed in CAT AND MERINGUE, as Time Force Ultra is cast out of the pages of its comic and into the gutters of Extraversal itself!