Extraversal #13

Issue #13


A crossover three years in the making... A storm hits the Big Punch Multiverse and countless worlds will tremble! Join us for PERFECT STORM and a battle that will shake Extraversal to its core!

The Palatine's deadly plan comes to fruition, as her Storm Crow army launches its assault on the multiverse, reaching directly into countless unsuspecting worlds from its staging point in the Void, the space beyond all things. Only the Reflektor and its crew stand in her way... but will the Captain's thirst for vengeance blind him to the true threat?

Anna and the Orb face off against the Storm Crow assault, and Paragon Four is recalled to her deadly brethren. The time has come for the Paragons to strike... and the fate of their world hangs in the balance.

Isaac Blackwood, heir to the 99 Swords, begins his first day on the job at the B.I.R.D. - just in time for an invasion from beyond the veil...

Cat and Meringue venture deep into the pages of Extraversal itself, hoping to restore the damage to their fictional world.

And in a place far beyond the known world, a hero from a world of song, and the keeper of the dead, enter the fray...