Extraversal #14

Issue #14


PERFECT STORM continues, as a crossover three years in the making shakes the Big Punch multiverse to its core.

The forces of Afterlife Inc. and 7STRING join the fray as the Storm Crows gain a vital beachhead in the Void. This isn't the first time that Jack and Zach have faced off against an invasion from beyond, but with the Murder and the Parliament in the crosshairs, there's little time for reminiscing...

With Anna and the Orb's attention locked on the breach through which the Storm Crows entered their world, unlikely allies rise in the form of the Paragons. Meanwhile, stranded in a Garden-infested world, the crew of the downed Reflektor desperately attempt to repair their ship with help from Cyanne and her team of mech-wielding Catchers.

Adrift in time, Elsie Blackwood bears witness to a future gone wrong, with only the mysterious entity known as White Ghost at her side. Trapped aboard the Ocean of Noise, Niin and Amaranth struggle to protect their fallen comrade Vatch, as the Charm grows ever closer.

A hero is found. Heroes fall.

And not everyone will make it out alive.