Extraversal #6

Issue #6
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Woo! If three is the magic number then six must be twice as magical. 'Super-magical', if you will! Dare you turn the page and experience the raw intensity that is BPM issue 6!? Maybe, maybe not, it's up to you really. It is pretty good though, so maybe you'll want to give it a try.

Inside! The crew of the Reflektor, still stranded on a warlike, alien world, tangle with a tall, dark and dangerous stranger. They desperately want to return to the Extraverse, but if they can't, and they risk the Reflektor falling into enemy hands, they may have to make a terrible decision... In Orb: Paragon Four finally tracks down Anna, a young girl with a strange connection to the alien entity floating above New York City... but what will she do now she's found her? Tyler and Elsie find themselves caught in the middle of a train robbery gone terribly wrong in 99 Swords. And Cat & Meringue travel to the age of the dinosaurs with a new friend from the pages of the history books in tow. Enjoy!