Extraversal #7

Issue #7
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Seven, the luckiest of the numbers! What can it mean? I actually have no idea. Am I making this blurb up as I type? I certainly am!

Welcome back to the worlds of the Big Punch Multiverse in issue 7 of BPM, from the creators of 7STRING and Afterlife Inc. Inside! Have the crew of the Reflektor finally found a way to leave the strange world they've found themselves stranded on - or is doom just around the corner? Anna finds a strange ally in the form of Paragon Four in Orb - now all they have to do is survive a daring chase through the streets of 1960s New York, pursued by the deadly Ubermensch. There's a bomb on the line in 99 Swords! Can Elsie and Tyler deal with the Red Mask Gang in time to safe the train, its passengers and their reputations before time runs out? And Cat & Meringue steal the show as they meet a very Shakespearean playwright (SPOILERS: it's Shakespeare). Enjoy!