Final Crisis Aftermath: RUN! (2009) #1

Final Crisis Aftermath: RUN! (2009) #1

The Human Flame is a dead man. Literally just waking up after the events of FINAL CRISIS, he realizes all the heroes in the DC Universe target him as the lowlife who taped the murder of the Martian Manhunter with his cell phone. On top of that, all the villains in the world want to kill him for selling them out to Libra. He's powerless and penniless, and his only chance for survival is to run! This six-issue miniseries examines the underbelly of the DCU and what happens when the wrong choices catch up with you. Nothing can prepare you for this chase.
Written by

Lillah Sturges


Freddie E. Williams II


Freddie E. Williams II

Colored by

Richard Horie

Cover by

Franco D'Angelo Bergamini

Freddie E. Williams II

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Page Count

22 Pages

Print Release Date

May 6 2009

Digital Release Date

January 11 2018

Age Rating

12+ Only

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