Francis Portela

Francis Portela


Francis is a graduate of and current teacher at Barcelona's Joso School for Comic Book Artists.

He broke into American comics as a penciler and inker for several popular series. Eventually, he made his way to Marvel, where he served as an artist for Black Panther and worked on Wolverine: First Class. He also penciled for titles such as Araña: The Heart of the Spider, Captain Universe: X-23, and Heroes for Hire.

The miniseries Supervillain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 was his first collaboration with writer Fred Van Lente. They teamed up again for Web of Spider-Man #5 and Halo: Blood Line.

Francis then began working with DC Comics for books such as Legion of Superheroes, Green Lantern, and Pandora. After moving to Valiant, he co-created the Faith miniseries and worked on Ivar: Timewalker, Generation Zero, Stalinverse: Archer & Armstrong, Ninjak #0, and many others.

His most recent project is the short-run series Hardcore: Reloaded for Skybound/Image Comics.

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