Fresh Romance #2

Fresh Romance
Issue #2
(173 ratings)


In School Spirit, Miles and Corrine are on the verge of being discovered...and you'll find out why exactly that's a big deal! Plus, Justine and Malie get some alone time and it's not all about making out.

In Ruined, Catherine and Andrew are married! Yay! Except it seems like no one is celebrating. In fact, Catherine and her sister are downright tearful at being separated. And you'll see what happens when the bride and groom are finally alone...

And in The Ruby Equation, Ruby realizes that her mission wasn't exactly what she thought it was -- and now she has to deal with a lot more grunchy, annoying stuff. A barista's work is never done!

Plus, a feature about the fashion of classic romance comics by Jacque Nodell of Sequential Crush, another installment of the Divorcée Club, and more!