Friar #2

Issue #2
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Sold relic, part 2
Grim Friar travels through time and takes part in the most famous battles in the Russian history, trying to fix his mistake. But what horrible sin did he commit?
Beautiful girls, expensive cars, crazy parties, carefree life filled with bubbles of champagne - Andrey had none of that.
There was only a fairytale-like family legend and the cross, given to him by his grandfather. The cross was just the cross, nothing extraordinary. The old relic didn't raise the dead, didn't heal the crippled, didn't turn water into wine, and couldn't make you walk on water. But Andrey quickly realized what was that one special thing about the heirloom - its price!
Coming to conclusion that it doesn't matter where the cross is kept - whether at home or at a pawnshop - Andrey has put the relic in pledge and bought an expensive foreign car. But instead of life of luxury this deal brought some serious trouble. Who could have known that the big-nosed gentleman, who paid Andrey the pawn, would be the Magister of a secret Order that has been chasing after the cross for centuries?
This man gets Andrey and his brother Igor into the car crash after which Andrey awakes... in the year 988, where his family heirloom is being used for Christening of Prince Vladimir and the senior retinue! Andrey refuses to believe any of this is real until he himself becomes the target of the mysterious hunters. Pursued by the sinister horsemen, led by the Magister of the Order, Andrey runs away into the forest.
Having got lost in space and time, he finds a forest hut, where he meets his grandfather who passed away about a year ago. The deceased ancestor welcomes grandson by hitting him in the face: "Why did you sell the cross, Andrey..?"