Friar #3

Issue #3
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Sold relic, part 3
Young man Andrey pawns an ancient cross, owned by his family for centuries, and instantly finds himself in a crazy maelstrom of events! At first, he and his brother Igor get into a car accident, and then he travels in time to 988, where his family heirloom is used for Christening of Prince Vladimir and his retinue! Soon after that Andrey meets his grandfather, who died a year ago!
It turns out that the big-nosed gentleman, who paid Andrey the pledge and later organized the accident, is a Magister of a secret order, which was chasing after the cross for centuries! The gems, inlaid into the ancient artifact, are special: they used to help enemies who were trying to capture Russia for centuries! After every victory Andrey's ancestors obtained and then embedded these magical stones into the cross, so that no one else can use them for harm. Thus, the Radov family has been guarding Russia since ancient times: the first-born son in the family was always named Andrey and became the keeper of the relic. Now, thanks to Andrey, the cross had fallen into the wrong hands! But that's not all: it turns out he was in a coma all this time, and there's only one way to wake up from it - to wander across eras and retrieve the relic again, as his predecessors have done. Only the power of the cross will bring Andrey back to life...
Next Andrey travels to 1877, the third siege of Plevna during the Russian-Turkish war! There he meets "The White General" Skobelev and his aide Igor - Andrey's brother! Having resigned himself to his fate, the newly-born monk begins preparations for the upcoming battle. With the help of the sword, inlaid with the Ruby of Shakhriman, Turkish general Osman Pasha summons Fatin, master of illusion and deception. Magister helps him to deliver the bottle containing the jinn to the Russian General-in-Chief Nikolai Nikolaevich. Once the Grand Duke opens the bottle he along with his aide fall under Fatin's spell and begin to give ridiculous orders. Feeling something's wrong, Andrey rushes to the General's marquee and also becomes the victim of illusions! He finds himself in a dark forest, alone against a pack of hungry wolves...