Friar #5

Issue #5
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Sold relic, part 4
It's 1877 and the third siege of Plevna during the Russo-Turkish war. To gain advantage over his enemies, Turkish general Osman Pasha summons Fatin, master of illusion and deception. Magister helps him to deliver the bottle containing the jinn to the Russian General-in-Chief Skobelev. Once the Grand Duke opens the bottle he falls under Fatin's spell and begins to give ridiculous orders. Andrey defeats the evil spirit by reading the prayer he never knew before, however, he can't find the gem among the remains of the shaitan. All the more, it turns out that the jinn won: Skobelev, who almost managed to break into the town, was left without reinforcement and now has to retreat. The situation is critical: Osman Pasha is locked in Plevna; the Russian troops are forced to continue the siege, as they can't leave the town full of Turks behind; bitterly resentful Skobelev retires. Grand Master fulfilled Osman's request, but he can't retrieve the sword with the ruby of Shachriman before Plevna is taken. Andrey understands that as well. Hoping to put an end to the siege and get to the gem before the big-nosed guy, he appeals to Skobelev: "Mikhail, Russia needs you!"